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The Electric Revolution!

Prepare to experience the shockwaves of success with BioWave, the medical device company revolutionizing pain relief!

With over 6,500 medtech companies competing for attention, BioWave recognized the need for a standout website to get ahead - and that's where we stepped in to outperform the competition!
BioWave offers a diverse selection of advanced, nonsurgical devices that effectively alleviate pain, all without the need for narcotics. Their neurostimulation products, which are both portable and of professional-grade quality, have gained significant praise from individuals and medical experts alike. Wave goodbye to discomfort and open the door to a superior level of relief that will surely leave you astonished.
BioWave's website primarily targets top-tier medical device distributors and professionals, such as physicians, physical therapists, and athletic trainers, who prescribe these remarkable devices to their patients or use them in their practice. However, BioWave doesn't leave their patients hanging either - they provide exceptional customer support to those lucky enough to have their portable devices.

BioWave before us

Prior to partnering with DoneHQ, BioWave was unaware of its website's incredible potential. Their site could have been better than a low-voltage wire - outdated, glitchy, and user-unfriendly. The winds of transformation were blowing, and the BioWave team knew that change was not only necessary but imminent.

The DoneHQ approach

At DoneHQ, we set out to create a rebranded website that radiates professionalism and generates a robust, top-tier lead base for BioWave. We ensured the site complied with industry regulations and government contract requirements because we always play by the rules even with BioWave's electrifying devices. Our commitment to excellence and adherence to standards ensured that BioWave's website shines as brightly as its remarkable products.

What we accomplished

DoneHQ brought the thunder! We constructed a new website that incorporates BioWave's fresh brand guidelines, satisfies all compliance criteria, and captivates visitors with exceptional on-page SEO strategies. We optimized the site's architecture, URL structure, and content organization to send lightning bolts to potential leads.
But we didn't stop there! Our site architecture highlights included lead generation forms that scream "Choose BioWave!", an FAQ page that answers burning questions, curated user reviews from Google that ignite excitement, and easily accessible calls to action that shock visitors into taking the next step. We even added distributor promotions to enhance patient access to BioWave's remarkable devices. It's a definite win-win!

DoneHQ keeps the current flowing in the right direction

Before we worked our magic, BioWave was missing out on government leads, but not anymore! Since launching the new website, the number of leads from visitors and users has surged and remained consistently strong.

We never leave our clients in the dark

Our team monitors website security and provides timely updates to your WordPress platform and plugins.

We excel at creating fresh content that sparks significant interest

Our knack for crafting fresh, engaging, and downright irresistible content will leave your audience craving more.

Remember all of our services!

DoneHQ offers consistent SEO services and AB testing to keep the current flowing and deliver lightning-fast customer service and troubleshooting support.
If you're ready to make waves with a website that turns heads and generates impressive leads, then it's time to plug in with us. BioWave has already experienced the power - will you be the next to join the electrifying revolution? Let's create sparks together!

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